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Episode Name - She's No Angel
Date Added - 2009-02-27
Girls - Alexis Texas
View Trailer - .wmv 20 MB HD 540p
Description - Everyone dreams of going to heaven, especially when Kelly Madison is the angel that greets you. Alexis was in the holding chamber of angels in limbo. The chance of Miss Texas making it through the pearly gates was slim to none. With help from Ryan, Kelly would make sure of that. After all, she's no angel.
Episode Name - High School Girl Special
Date Added - 2011-05-26
Girls - Jenna Rose
View Trailer - .wmv 43 MB HD 540p
Description - Ryan rubs on Jenna's tight teen body after a long day of High School. He makes his way to her young muffin. He shoves his big piece of meat right in. She loses her mind and rides that cock bouncing that oiled big ass around. Hope she doesn't become a teen mom after getting that big load dumped in her pussy.
Episode Name - Tittytastic Titty Fuck
Date Added - 2011-06-08
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 22 MB HD 540p
Description - You want tittis? You want big titties? You say you want big big titties? Well here you go. I get a lot of requests for titty fucking so I decided to gather up my favorite titty...
Episode Name - Captured
Date Added - 2009-02-13
Girls - Kagney Linn Karter
View Trailer - .wmv 29 MB HD 540p
Description - Kelly hired Miss Karter to capture Ryan and bring him to an undisclosed location. He had a hefty price on his head and Kelly wanted to make sure this mission went as smoothly as possible. Although he was tied up, gagged and beaten, when these girls were done with him, Ryan would be the most satisfied victim ever.
Episode Name - Adventures In Dogsitting
Date Added - 2011-03-31
Girls - Marie McCray
View Trailer - .wmv 79 MB HD 540p
Description - Marie was hired to help Kelly by taking care of her dogs. She had no clue the doggie sitter was gonna get banged doggie-style. Kelly and the ginger teen cum so many times they lose count. Lucky Marie gets two massive squirting loads, the second one went straight down her throat!
Episode Name - The Book of BJ's
Date Added - 2011-05-19
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 43 MB HD 540p
Description - I'm reading a new book and boy is Ryan enjoying this one. The Book of BJ's is a real page turner. I can't put it down! There's so many ways to turn your man on with your mouth and tongue...
Episode Name - Sadie Sadie Sexy Lady
Date Added - 2010-04-09
Girls - Sadie West
View Trailer - .wmv 23 MB HD 540p
Description - Sadie West is a guy's girl. She can smoke some greens with you and drink you under the table. Not only that, she thinks like a guy. You think you are the only one that thinks about fucking all day long? Get into Sadie's sexy head and see what she fantasizes about! She can work herself up into a frenzy for cock and salivate all over, making her mouth a perfect fuck hole.
Episode Name - Good Girl Bad Girl
Date Added - 2011-03-17
Girls - Sasha Heart
View Trailer - .wmv 34 MB HD 540p
Description - I bet you think butterflies and rainbows are the only things on a good girls mind. You would be completely wrong. Sasha is a bad girl to the bone and that's all she wants to do… Bone! She fucks like a Porn Star and sucks a load right out of that cock then makes it pop on her bubble butt!
Episode Name - Easy Breezy Boobies
Date Added - 2011-05-05
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 30 MB HD 540p
Description - Just a beautiful breezy spring day and all I want to do is suck some cock. I want to wrap my big juicy lips all over some man meat as the sun dances on the water of the pool and...
Episode Name - House Wife
Date Added - 2011-03-11
Girls - Jessica Lynn
View Trailer - .wmv 31 MB HD 540p
Description - Jessica strives to be the perfect housewife! She's sexy as fuck and wants to practice using her hoover skills. So she wraps her perfect little mouth around her new husbands filthy huge cock and spit cleans it down to his balls. This horny housewife whore gets pounded on the kitchen floor. She tried to keep it clean but ends up all messy with her face covered in cum...
Episode Name - Teen Volley
Date Added - 2011-03-03
Girls - Holly Michaels
View Trailer - .wmv 62 MB HD 540p
Description - Kelly’s star volleyball player Holly gave Ryan road head all the way home from the cancelled game. Holly was a freak she got drilled in a backbend while eating puss and loved it. That nasty teen loved pussy as much as she liked cock. She went home to her mom filled with two loads!
Episode Name - Wet Titties
Date Added - 2011-04-28
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 25 MB HD 540p
Description - I've got my hat on and I look like I'm ready to attend Will and Kate's wedding but I don't think the Queen will appreciate me not wearing a bra. I thought you might like to see me...

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Episode Name - CLEANnDIRTY
Date Added - 2011-03-04
Girls - Lela Star
View Trailer - .wmv 43 MB HD 540p
Description - Kelly needed someone to clean and get dirty at her house, so she hired Lela to fix the mess and mount Ryan's cock at the same time. This bitch loved cleaning the table while blowing Ryan and getting her cunt pounded as she vacuumed the floor in her sexy maid outfit. And after all the cum filled her snatch and gushed on her face, she made sure to do what any maid would do and...
Episode Name - Teen Pussy Pick-Up
Date Added - 2011-01-20
Girls - Ashli Orion
View Trailer - .wmv 25 MB HD 540p
Description - I was on the verge of getting fired. There’s only one thing that would make Ryan forget about it… TEEN PUSSY. I made some calls and got this big bootie hottie Ashli that was down for the get down. This girl was nasty she didn’t just get a pussy full of cum she got a second load too…
Episode Name - Easter Gathering
Date Added - 2011-04-20
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 46 MB HD 540p
Description - Ryan Madison has been a bad, bad bunny over the years. He's cut a hole for his cock in his fuzzy bunny costumes and has done very nasty things with it. He's stuck it in my mouth...
Episode Name - Pinned Down Pussy
Date Added - 2011-02-11
Girls - Kristina Rose
View Trailer - .wmv 25 MB HD 540p
Description - Do you ever just want some pussy damn it? We nail that shit to the ground and make Kristina wait for her muff pounding. She gets oil squirt all over her body, while her mouth is taped shut. Dick has arrived and boy is she gonna get it. She ravenously shoves that enormous cock down her throat and licks and sucks on it. She gets her ass nailed even harder than the...
Episode Name - Teen Play
Date Added - 2010-12-23
Girls - Chastity Lynn
View Trailer - .wmv 51 MB HD 540p
Description - Chastity picks up a basketball that rolls right in front of her. She falls for Kellys bait. Little does this naive teen know that it’s no longer child’s play but a grown up game called fuck the shit out of this little girl. Kelly rips the cock out of Chastity’s pussy and fills her mouth with jizz!
Episode Name - Glad-He-Ate-Her
Date Added - 2011-04-13
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 49 MB HD 540p
Description - Clitius Maximus arrived home from a long and arduous battle to find his love Orgasma. His expertise is obviously his "oral" skills and Orgasma couldn't wait for him to pleasure...
Episode Name - Milf & Cookies
Date Added - 2011-06-03
Girls - Charlee Chase
View Trailer - .wmv 56 MB HD 540p
Description - Kelly punishes Charlee's love muffin with a huge veiny black strap-on. Serves the hot-ass-ho right for not being appreciative! Ryan takes over and teaches both these big titted blonde sluts who has the real cock! He pounds their cakes and makes a batch of fresh icing from deep within his balls. He pulls out and blasts Charlee's tits with a gallon of milky cream! Watch'em eat...
Episode Name - Watch Me Mom
Date Added - 2010-09-30
Girls - April O'Neil
View Trailer - .wmv 29 MB HD 540p
Description - April get’s in a heated fight with her mom. What’s a girl to do but piss her mom off even more. Her older boyfriend reluctantly fucks her in the backyard where she cums loud hoping her mom can see it all. Finally they sneak inside where she takes two loads in her pussy.
Episode Name - Business Woman's BJ
Date Added - 2011-03-30
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 21 MB HD 540p
Description - Corporate mergers and quarterly reports can get a girl all hot and bothered. Seeing my profits soar makes me want to reward those who work so tirelessly for my fortune. One such...
Episode Name - 2 Reds Are Better Then 1
Date Added - 2008-02-01
Girls - Scarlett Pain, Nikki Rhodes
View Trailer - .wmv 18 MB HD 540p
Description - While Ryan was watering the lawn, he had no idea that the two girls across the street were scheming up plans for their day. Both sisters had red hair on their head and the carpet to match. Scarlett and Nikki were on a mission to fuck the guy across the street, he was quite a catch. The two little sisters went and grabbed their mister. After all, when the wife is away...
Episode Name - Fireball
Date Added - 2010-09-02
Girls - Dani Jensen
View Trailer - .wmv 21 MB HD 540p
Description - Dani Jensen catches her boyfriend getting a handjob on the ferris wheel. Kelly pulls up to help the distressed ginger. Next thing you know this little fireball is getting the revenge fuck of a lifetime. Dani’s little foot shakes so hard as she creams on a huge dick with a mouthful of pussy.
Episode Name - Drunken Bastards
Date Added - 2011-02-02
Girls - Kelly Madison
View Trailer - .wmv 31 MB HD 540p
Description - This is some drunken, stupid shit. We were in Cabo with Sienna West and we got really drunk one night and danced around our place and fucked each others brains out. We were all a bunch of idiots but it was really fun...

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Description - Allie fucks a total stranger, she takes his big dick with her ass up in the air then swallows his load.
Description - Kelly celebrates New Year's Eve with a bang, a fuck and a squirt right on top of the dinning room table.
Description - Kelly and Ryan fuck their flower deliverer Monicka Jaymes in a euphoric multi-cumshot fuckathon.
Description - April gives a BJ in the car to her older boyfriend then takes his dick over and over till she cums 5 times.
Description - Sienna takes a huge load after her and Kelly get aggressive with cock and get it to hit every pleasure point on their bodies.
Description - Monique fucks Ryan and gives him a handjob, blowjob, and footjob after she gets her pussy juicy from smashing watermelons with her ass.
Description - This teen fucks in the car then runs naked into her house where she takes more big cock.
Description - Kelly shares a moment of true ecstasy with you as she fucks her husband in a long silky see thru black slip.
Description - Priya's a virgin bride but a whore at heart, and she craved Ryan's hard long cock in her wet juicy cunt to pop her Indian cherry.
Description - Ashli gets a gig to be in her very first movie, but is she willing to suck and fuck a cock to get the lead role?
Description - Kelly takes up painting and the first thing she paints are her tits and pussy. She takes a advanced approach and takes up cock painting and fucking.

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Description - Ryan fucks Priya on her wedding night and takes away her virginity. She squirts, sucks, fucks, and takes a load like a slutty pro.
Description - Kelly was on the hunt for a young teen, she finds her and lets her husband pound her tiny fire crotch.
Description - Kelly gets out of school and needs to satisfy her sensitive clit with vibrator big enough to please three girls at the same time.
Description - Kelly gives up her magical pussy after she fucks up two wishes, her customers leave happy after one load in the pussy and a second on her face.
Description - Kelly teaches her student how to take big cock deep in her teen pussy like a pro instead of how to drive.
Description - Jaylene and Kelly lay on each other with lotioned up tits and slide them around until they need a tongue slid in their twats.
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Description - Kelly shows you behind the scenes action at the AVN convention and gets so excited by her male and female fans she goes back to the room for some fun.
Description - Kendall just got married, and her husband gives her what she's been wanting since her wedding, a hot white pearl necklace.
Description - Gracie get beat in the face with huge tits and gets her pussy pounded hard. She'll need a massage after that.
Description - Kelly loves seeing her mans white cock slide in a black pussy so she lays back watches a video and masturbates and recreates the scene.
Description - Ryan slams his cock into Kendalls tight pussy and cock hungry mouth even when she still has her wedding dress on.
Description - Heather gets her pussy pounded and titties sucked on a swing.
Description - Kelly and Audrey grind their pussies together and lick pussy juice off each others lips in the back seat.

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Description - What's better than having a sex slave that'll do what ever you want? Having Courntey Cummz as your sex slave and letting you fuck her as much as the Madisons.
Description - Kelly and Ryan bring Holly back to their place for a tag team fuck-apalooza after her volleyball game gets rained out.
Description - Kelly gives her husband a wet juicy blow job while relaxing in a bath.
Description - Ryan daydreams about jamming London's fortune cookie and fucking Kelly's ginormous tits.
Description - Jynx is flexible teen, she can sit on your face and give you an upside down blowjob at the same time.
Description - Kelly enjoys the view of Cabo from her balcony with Sienna. They grind their pussies together and orgasm with a view of the water.
Description - This bride loves money, but loves cock more, and to prove it, before she takes all of her new husbands cash-she's going to give him the fuck of his life on their wedding night.
Description - Kelly's rips the crotch of Tiffany's pantyhose and shoves her husband big cock deep in this teens tight twat.
Description - Kelly pinches, squeezes and twists her nipples while bouncing her tits around in lingerie.

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Description - Angelina is one sexual demon. She'll fuck you, suck you, rub you, love you, and make you want to cum over and over again...until she kills you for your money.
Description - This texting teen takes two loads after getting her juicy ass pounded long and hard.
Description - Educated cock loving slut Kelly Madison shows that she has two sides to her. Her cock sucking side and fun loving pussy penetrating side.
Description - Tits and Ass collide in this epic fuck fest starring two iconic pornographic legends, Kelly Madison and Alexis Texas.
Description - Sasha gets her pussy fucked like the whore that she wants to be.
Description - Kelly loves to fuck big titty blonde chicks.
Description - Misty just got kicked out by her boyfriend, and for revenge she's going to have a pussy licking and fucking jamboree with the Madison's.
Description - It's Victoria's Birthday and to help her celebrate, Ryan tries out an array of dildo's and vibrators on her cunt.
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